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10 Facts About Me

1.    I love Jesus. I was fortunate to be introduced to Him as a child, (thanks mom and dad!) but I developed my own relationship with Him while I was in college. Life hasn’t always been easy but, I do have hope no matter what life brings and He hasn’t failed me yet.

2.     I was engaged after 7 months of dating and married 2 months later to my wonderfully hardworking husband who is also my best friend, personal comedian and partner in life. I’m lucky to have him.

3.     I’m a proud Jamaican. But really, I dare you to try to find a Jamaican who isn’t. I was actually born in Miami but both of my parents were born and raised in Jamaica. I love my people, the food, the land, the music and let me stop there because I could go on forever on this subject.

Selfie at the National Stadium in Kingston at Boys and Girls CHAMPS in 2016.
Hellshire Beach near Portmore, Jamaica

4.     I graduated from THE University of Florida, Go Gators! I’m actually a two time graduate first for my Bachelors and then I went back 4 years later for my MBA. ​

My brother and sis in law celebrating outside The Swamp in Gainesville, Florida after a victory

5.     I had a 16 year old Maltese named Irie. She was 7 years old when I adopted her, clingy, spoiled and set in her ways. She alternates between bringing me joy and driving me crazy every day. Sadly she passed in July 2019.

This is my dog named Irie

6.    I almost became a Fanta Girl. In 2009 Fanta held a competition to fill the spot for the 4th Fantana. To enter, I had to submit a video on why I should win and they posted each submission on a website for the public vote on who they thought should win the spot. My brother masterminded and produced a kick butt video (really, it was ahead of its time) and I made it to the top 3. I had hope that I would win, buuuuuttt, they already had a black girl in the group so deep down I knew I wouldn’t. It was a great experience though. Want to check out the video that nearly made me famous?…

7.     I had braces for the first time at 22 years old. My teeth were fine most of my life then all of sudden right after I graduated college my teeth began to shift. I love to smile but it started to make me so self-conscious. So, after I got my first real job out of college, I got myself some braces! To this day, it is still one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Brace face!

8.     I’m a very picky eater. For someone like me who loooooves food, I’m still very selective. I belong to the small percentage of the population that doesn’t like mangoes, peanut butter, and chocolate. But, I can’t help it because picky eating runs in the family, my parents believe me when I tell you, are even pickier than I am.

9.      I’ve always been very shy. But, I also love to perform and I have been doing it since I was little. I dance, sing and love public speaking. I just feel so free when I’m on stage.  

My ballet recital picture at around age 12. Guess which one is me, lol.

10.      I have trypophobia – Which is a phobia or fear of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps. Ugghhh, even writing the definition, gives me the creeps. So I won’t touch or look too long at anything with tiny holes. Even the bubbles that pop up when making pancakes make my skin crawl.

Once when I was a little girl we spent Christmas in Connecticut and we stayed at my grandmothers’ house. On the bed where I was to sleep there was a knitted blanket, the kind that all grandmothers have - WITH ALL THE TINY HOLES!!!! I didn’t get much sleep because of course I had to keep one eye open all night to make sure it didn’t dare make a move to touch me.

That's a little bit about me.  And if you've read this far, I'd love to know if you can relate to any of these.

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