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Gorgeous on the Go with Wander Beauty

Wander Beauty Gorgeous on the Go
Wander Beauty Gorgeous on the Go

As a lifelong makeup lover, I thoroughly enjoy sitting at my desk to spend hours crafting the perfect makeup look. It’s therapeutic and I enjoy the process. 

But my priorities have changed a bit. Now, I’d rather get some extra cuddles in from my son than apply makeup for hours.

5 minute beauty routine from Wander Beauty
Balancing my son on my hip while applying makeup

But mama still wants to look good!

I was gifted these products from Wander Beauty and I am impressed that I can pull together a beautiful look in under 5 minutes.

(Bottom, then Left to Right: Mile High Club Mascara, On the Glow Multitasker in Berry Whisper and Nude Glow, Glow Getter Mist, Nude Illusion Foundation in Shade Rich)

Step 1

This buildable full coverage foundation gives me the natural glowy finish that I have up until now only read read about. My skin looks like my skin but better.

The applicator helps me to concentrate the product on the areas that need some extra coverage, like under my eyes and around my mouth. I can use it with one hand, the formula is easy to blend and doesn’t drip. I recommend using a beauty blender or sponge to blend out the product.

Step 2

This is my favorite step. There are so many uses for this dual-ended cream stick. I use the berry colored end on my cheeks, lips and eyes. And the highlighter end of the stick to highlight my temples and bridge of my nose. Both shades complement my skin tone perfectly without looking overdone.

Step 3

I’ve actually been using this mascara for over a year. It’s become a staple. It helps to darken and lengthen my lashes for a little everyday drama.

Step 4

This is the cherry on top. A few sprays and it helps to make my skin look dewy (not oily) for hours.


Follow along with this video on how I put my look together.

And that’s it!

I went from frumpy to fine in under 5 minutes.

With Love,



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