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New Black Owned Beauty Brand: Product Review

If I had to choose between a bright colored lip and a nude lip, hands down I’d choose a bright lip. I feel like it covers a multitude of sins. Here’s a secret: You can typically tell how tired I am by how bright my lipstick is. I use a bright lip to distract from my tired eyes. And, I don’t have to wear much else when I’m wearing a bright lip to look put together, just add brows and mascara and I’m set. But lately, I’ve been wanting to switch it up.

A nude lip is a great alternative on the days when I can’t be bothered with the maintenance that a bold lip color requires. And I want to be confident that as my lipstick is wearing down throughout the day it does so naturally and I’m not left with a fading ring of color or the dreaded smearing to other places on my face. (Am I the only one who finds that their lipstick ends up on their chin sometimes – especially after eating?)

Well, I stumbled on the perfect nude lip that complements my skin tone without having me look like an ashy disaster. A lip color that I can throw on without having to mix it or use a lip liner. They come from a black owned beauty brand name Mented Cosmetics. And I am in love. I found them when I attended the Black-owned Holiday Market in Soho a few weeks back.

Mented Cosmetics Lipgloss and Lipstick

Mented Cosmetics: Nude La La and Mauve Over

Mented Cosmetics is not only black owned but also women owned. Love it! KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson are the masterminds behind Mented, they understand the struggle WOC have with finding nudes that complement our skin tones and decided to do something about it. Now, they have a line of nude lip colors for every woman on the melanin spectrum.

I purchased two products the first one is from their Gloss for Grownups line (don’t you just love that name!) called Mauve Over and the second, a lipstick shade named Nude LaLa. The packaging is a sleek and sophisticated matte black. And when you put them on they both are so creamy and moisturizing. Not sticky at all. I have dry lips and normally have to wear a balm underneath my lipsticks but I don’t have to with these. They glide smoothly over my lips and wear very comfortably.

I like to layer the two. But they can be worn separately and still look fab.

They were running a holiday special at the time I made my purchases but right now on their site the Lipsticks are $16.50 and the Glosses are $15. Which is still not a bad price at all. I’m not paid to say this but I recommend you check them out. They also have 3 nude nail polishes and a few other accessories up on their site. You can purchase Mented Cosmetics at

Let me know if you have found your perfect Nude lip color or if you've tried Mented Cosmetics?

Mented Cosmetics finished Nude look!



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