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  • Casie Dionne

3 Professional Natural Hairstyles

I have been in the thick of interviewing for jobs for the past few months and the thing that makes me more nervous than the questions I could be asked, is what I should do with my hair. Although I went natural back in 2015 while I was working my corporate marketing job in Miami, I had already been working with that same company and with that same team for 2 years before I did the big chop.

You see I didn’t have to wonder whether I would be judged for my natural hair in this corporate workplace. Because, I worked with a mostly black team but most importantly, I. Already. Had. The. Job.

But now that I am looking to start fresh with a new company, I'm plagued with thoughts of:

Is this style professional enough for this interview?

Should I straighten my hair?

or the biggest question

Will my natural hair scare them?

And I know that I am not alone, I am confident that all of my professional naturalistas have asked themselves the same or similar questions.

So because I believe in uplifting my sisters, I’m sharing 3 easy natural hairstyles that will help you feel comfortable in your workplace and confident enough to secure that new job or promotion.

Click the video below to watch the tutorial.




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