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How to Detox Dry Winter Skin

Winter weather and working out did a number on my skin. Here I am trying to get my health in order and my face decides to start acting up. I’m talking real rude and disrespectfully, I had breakouts all over my face, my skin was crispy and my lips were flaky prunes. My face never broke out like this back when I was drinking Coke and eating cheeseburgers on a regular. But I digress...

I'm not going to stop working out and winter is taking its time to pass, so I purchased various products to try and clear up my skin, but nothing helped. And after 3 or 4 unsuccessful attempts, I stopped what I was using and I decided to return to making my own skin care using ingredients I knew my skin already loved.

It was time for a skin detox.

If you're like me and have tried everything to clear up your skin or are you're looking for an easy way to eliminate chemicals from your skincare products, these recipes are for you. Not only have they helped transform my skin, but the recipes are VERY simple and involve only a few ingredients that you may already have in the kitchen.

Let’s start with the face...


Yes, I cleanse my face with oils, no soap or water. For some of you this may sound crazy but before you click out of this post, let me explain.

There are tons of benefits to oil cleansing. Major beauty companies have now even jumped on board, creating their own (expensive) facial oil cleansing products. Science has proven that “like attracts like” and so using an oil is the best way to cleanse the build up of oil on your face.


Combination Skin Recipe:

1/4 parts Castor Oil

1/2 parts Almond Oil

1/4 parts Olive Oil

Oily Skin Recipe:

1/3 parts Castor Oil

2/3 parts Olive or any other oil

Dry Skin Recipe:

All nourishing oils, like Almond, Olive, Safflower etc

Oil face cleanser ingredients

Instructions: Gently stir the oils together in an airtight jar and that's it.

If your skin feels dry afterwards, add a bit more of the nourishing oils, if it feels too oily, add a bit more castor oil.

How I Use It

I take a small amount of oil on my fingertips and massage it all over my face for 60 seconds. It removes my makeup and cleans my face all at the same time. Time saver! Then I wipe it off with a warm and slightly damp washcloth. After that, I follow it up with my favorite moisturizer.

Massage a small amount of cleanser all over your face


My skin needs a good exfoliation on a daily basis. This recipe is safe and gets the job done better than products you can buy at the stores.


1 tbs Raw Honey

1 tbs White Sugar

1 tbs Almond Oil (or any oil your skin loves)

Raw Honey has antiseptic properties and also helps to draw in moisture. Sugar is great for exfoliation and gentle on the skin.

Raw honey and sugar scrub ingredients

Instructions: Add the honey, sugar, then the oil to your airtight container and stir gently.

How I Use It

I take a small amount and rub it between my fingertips to warm up the honey. I then gently massage it all over my face paying extra attention to the rough or dry places. Then if I have time, I leave it on as a mask for about 5 minutes. Then wipe my face clean with a warm slightly damp wash cloth.

use a slightly damp wash cloth to remove the scrub


My issue with store bought body washes is the affordable ones too drying and the natural ones are too expensive for small amount you get. But when you purchase the ingredients for this body wash recipe, you have enough to last a long time and it is very moisturizing. You can even switch up the essential oils to create your perfect blend.

This body wash is much more liquidy and not a sudsy as what you may be used to. But know that the sulfates that cause the sudsing in the store bought body washes is the same ingredient that cause you to be dry and ashy after you get out the shower. This recipe gets you clean, without the dryness.


2 oz African Black Soap

1 cup of warm/hot distilled or filtered water

1 tbs Almond Oil

1 tbs Olive Oil

1 tbs Vegetable Glycerin

10 drops Ginger essential Oil*

10 drops Lime Essential Oil*

* feel free to substitute with your favorite essential oils

African black soap ingredients

Instructions: Grate or cut up the black soap into small pieces then add the water and stir until completely dissolved. Add the other ingredients and shake well combine all the ingredients.

How I Use It:

Just like any other body wash.

And that’s it! My face is on the smooth road to recovery and I am ready for the warmer weather to arrive so I can show off my moisturized skin.

My bare face, naturally cleansed skin

Next, I will be making my own whipped shea body butter and I’ll be happy to share then recipe when I do. Just call me Casie the Beauty Chef.

Question: Have you ever made your own skincare or body products? What natural ingredients does your skin love?




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